Grass For Her Pillow (scanky_chops) wrote in geinouron,
Grass For Her Pillow

[ Discussion ] Favourite Japanese Dramas

Well. It's been a long time hasn't it? (Over 3 months actually.) And as main mod i'd like to apologise for that. I've been busy with things and recently got a job teaching so that's held me back with the community as well. But since graduating from university i've been missing discussion work and learning loads and seeing as this place is great for that i thought, 'Hell! Let's get discussing!'

Right now however, there isn't anything really pressing J-Ent wise (Unless someone has a topic they wish to talk about. Anyone?) and seeing as it's the end of the summer drama season noesunexito and i thought we'd keep it simple and have a simple, interesting discussion on what everyone's favourite Jdorama is and why. You could also give a heads-up to people about certain dramas you think they should watch/not watch/never ever look at. Now, i do remember noesunexito saying that someone will inevitably say something like Kimi wa Petto is the best thing since sliced bread and well, that's ok. It's your decision BUT you'd better be ready to give us a lowdown as to why you think it's so great. We're like that.

And in case everyone is wondering, do i have a favourite Jdorama? Hmmm... I'll have a think and get back to you. Heh.
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