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{Discussion] Second rising + Japan's love for the younger guy/older woman scenario.

So i created this community with the best intellectual minds at heart and it's gone completely wrong. In other words i've gotten too lazy to come up with posts/discussions. Plus you've now got Cho Scandalous and its great forum to look for the latest in what's happening over in J-land and make bitchy comments about it too. But Yao did mention that i seemed to be making posts that were more... Geinouron in feeling and that made me realise that i SHOULD be putting up stuff here more often. And i will. Starting with today's topic. Which, as you can see from above, is about Japanese dramas and the section we could call the maza-con rabu. In other words, dramas which have an older woman/younger man relationship. In more words, how JE uses its young guys as toyboys to bring in the old biddies. We could also talk about the flipside with older guys and younger girls but honestly i haven't seen anything like that although i do know about that one drama with Fujiko Naohito and Aya Ueto.

I chose this topic because i'm currently watching Love and Eros from d-addicts as well as the sporadic episode of Sore wa, Totsuzen Arashi no You ni when it's been subbed. Have also watched Anego, Kimi wa Petto and Majou no Jouken and i'm sure there are other dramas i can't think of for the life of me. Oh. Long Vacation. Mustn't forget that one eh? I guess you could count Neverland as one 'cos you've got jailbait!Tsubasa and Ken being hounded/molested by older women. Can you? Oh, and Gokusen i suppose 'cos Sawada has/had a thing for Yankumi yes?

So what's with JE and this thing about having their boys pair up with an older lady? Ok, i feel REAL bad for saying older 'cos it implies the women involved are like, old biddies but they're not obviously. And usually i've enjoyed the drama much more for the leading actress (read Anego and Sore wa Totsuzen). For the women is it the whole 'A younger guy finds me, a married/unmarried workaholic/spinsterish woman, hot!' coupled with the 'Once a guy gets older they turn into boring salarymen who find buying new socks an exciting way to spend time.' thing? Furthermore, almost all of the women involved usually have safe/boring/normal lives before these guys and are... frozen? Frigid? Lacking in love in some shape? Sumire, Michi and Kasumi all have some sort of... family problems yes?

Plus you gotta add the mother-con thing at least once here. Why is it all of the guys need some sort of mothering? Nagase in L&E had his mum obviously kill herself and try to take him with her. Yamapi's got some issues somewhere (i'm only on episode 2 here so i'm a bit clueless so far) for him to keep staring off to the distance. Tackey had a batshit workaholic mother. Jun had a mum who was strict and wanted him to do straight ballet. Ok, so that's not so bad. And i can't remember what Jin's excuse was.

Then there's always the ex/almost/current YOUNG girlfriend who goes bitching to the older 'baba' about how she's stolen her man etc etc. Let's review. Mari to Nagase's Jiro. That Satomi girl to Jun. Ayase Haruka to Yamapi. In Tackey's case the girl was a bit of a basketcase but still. And again, i don't remember much about Jin.

Final thing was about how you always have the role reversed guy, so you have the current boyfriend/husband/potential boyfriend etc. And they sometimes always go batshit crazy at some point in the drama. Hmm. I remember in Majou no Jouken the gormless boyfriend beats the crap out of Tackey and so on.

So answers anyone? My guess is that it's mainly to give the guys a boost with the older viewers and make them think that they could maybe have their very own toyboy. Then there's the added passion/forbidden factor of hooking up with a younger guy. And a few of them seem to be doing the dark and dangerous thing. Plus by having a strong lead they can get away with the crappy performances in some cases. And when i say that i mean that for the guys it is sometimes their first/earlier performance so looking pretty and stuff is something they can get away with in the show.

And before anyone says i'm focusing on JE more than usual, i could give Cheap Love a mention 'cos i am sure that the female lead is supposed to be older than Takashi. Plus you've got the vengeful ex when Takashi gets stabbed by the crazy ass dude who plays Yankumi's love potential in Gokusen. Which was horrible. And you've got the 'safe' existance she had with her middle-class family and omiai. Blah blah.

And to finish off, i thought i'd give some photo evidence. 'Cos it always help move a thread/discussion along eh? Alphabetically heh. Yeah, some of the pictures may be terrible but it's the thought that counts.

Anego. Had to include 'The Kiss' 'cos it was the lamest thing ever. Which reminds me. We need to have a kissing discussion.

Cheap Love. Takashi is great in this and this first made me love him. Typical drama
except for the ending which is the biggest cop out ever. Damn you Japan with you endings!

Gokusen. Let's ignore the travesty that was the second series. A main reason why i managed to watch this was 'cos of the relationship between Yankumi and Sawada. Plus the class was a LOT hotter this time round. Let us all sigh and now remember Yankumi making noodles...

Kimi wa Petto. More Jun. With Koyuki, who can fantastic and cold yet really hot in IWGP. Jun must have some sort of older woman fetish thing going on. I really do think the guy probably thinks younger girls are too... childish for him. Maybe.

Long Vacation. I er... haven't got round to watching this one yet. ::is shamed::

Love & Eros. I need to get this in better quality. Yes.

Majou no Jouken. This was what got me into JE in the first place. ::pause:: Yeah.

Neverland. With the step-mom sex and crazy mistresses trying to kill you when you're a kid. I think. Here's Tsubasa with Ken's sex-loving step-mum.

And finally, Sore wa, Totsuzen Arashi no You ni. I love Makiko Esumi. Which reminds me. I wanna see the last episode of Love Generation!!!!

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