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Application post


You might be asking why on earth a discussion community needs to have an application post. Well, it's obvious. Just like the tens of elite/quality/note-worthy icon/layout/etc communities out there, we want top quality posting here too. And the way to make sure that happens is to make people apply. Yes it's a little harsh maybe, but WE feel that if YOU are serious about learning more about Japanese entertainment in all its glory then you'd be willing to show yourselves off and write something that'll only take a few minutes. You could, of course, take longer and put a lot of thought into your entry but that's up to you. Don't worry by the way. The aim of this is to get people thinking so we can see you'll be interested in what we have to say.

Other thoughts that might be going round your head:

1. What's with the stuck up 'comment to be added' attitude?

A. Still not getting it? Quality, people. Simple as.

2. What if i'm not sure what i'm writing about is any good?

A. Don't worry. We'll be the judges of that. Just use good English, be concise and we'll pick you.

3. Do i have to know everything about Johnnys/Morning Musume/Watanabe Ken/Utawara/etc?

A. Course not. You'll probably learn loads of things here though. That's what the community is for.

4. Do YOU know everything about Johnnys/Morning Musume/Watanabe Ken/Utawara/etc?

A. We'd like to think so.

5. No seriously. Why should you guys be the ones to pick and choose? What makes you so special?

A. Let's see.

scanky_chops (main mod) has spent the last 4 years studying Asian Studies with Japanese at the University of Birmingham and spent her third year (2004-2005) at Kansai University living in an International dormitory with a lot of clueless Japanese. She's also been studying Japanese for over 10 years (started when she was 12). The last two years of her degree has seen her focus on Japan and she's written her final year dissertation on SMAP. Honestly. Came up with the idea of this community after wanting to asking so many random questions about SMAP etc ate her brain. In a good way.

noesunexito (co-mod) is an East Asian Studies major with a focus on Japan at Brown University. She's been to Japan too and has also studied Japanese for a couple of years. She's a mod of practically most of the good Johnnys communities and most of you will probably know her or know OF her. Bless. And she's great at coming out with the academia where Japanese entertainment is concerned. And in her own words: "Well, if anyone wants to ask, I've discussed in person with scholars in the field about various topics (I've had a lovely chat with Susan Napier :) ) and I've been to japan and will go again. And, my professor is James McClain? I guess I can even throw in the fact that I'm basically 2kyuu in JLPT if anyone wants to know."

That enough for yah?

6. What do i do when i've been accepted?

A. Click HERE to be officially accepted. Easy! If you've got a burning question/topic you want to talk about then go right ahead. Try to make it as interesting and thought provoking as possible. We like that.

By commenting on this post, you are implying that you have read the rules and the above. If that isn't the case then do it now!

Your exam question for today children is: Why do you want to join the community and what will you bring to it if you were a member? Your 15 minutes start now.
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