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For all your intellectual J-Ent needs.

Stupid fangirls need not apply.

Geinouron 「芸能論」
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Welcome to Geinouron (Entertainment theory in Japanese), a community where fans of Japanese popular culture can come and talk discuss and learn more about their interests. In other words, no stupid fangirl/fanboy/fanperson gushing here. We're looking for serious interesting talk on anything that's based in the Japanese entertainment world. So, that can include anything from Johnnys Entertainment (expect a lot of them) to the big rise in Asian films over the last few years (hands up who has seen the original Ringu/Dark Water/Grudge etc?). Just remember, while we’re trying to be thought provoking here we do also want to have fun.


· For now, joining the community entails an application post. That way we can figure out who’s stupid sincere about this and who isn’t. Click HERE to comment on why you'd like to join and then we'll add you back.
· This being a SERIOUS community we’ll have to ask people to leave the 'net speak behind. We'll leave that for the other 345346 Japanese entertainment-based communities available.
· Again with the serious we want interesting and fascinating topics to discuss so the title ‘OMG Why is Kame so goddamn sexy n in love with Jin?????’* will not do. If however, it was rephrased to something like: ‘The KATTUN that got the cream: Why Johnny’s latest venture is flying high,’ then we’re talking. Or maybe not.
· Further examples of topics that can be looked at include (off the top of my head):

A Johnny a day keeps the competitors away - The power of Johnny’s Associates in Japan today.
But where’s the sex?! - Love and passion in Japanese dramas.
The obentou and it’s meaning in Japanese television.
What’s cooking – Japan and it’s obsession with food.
“Bokutachi wa jellyfish” – J-pop’s love of Engrish.
The big rise in Japan’s horror film industry.

To look at a working example of what might be discussed and how click here to take a look.
· Looking at the interests might also help you in figuring out if your question/thought is valid in this community. If it isn’t then sorry, we don’t do talk about it here.
· When discussing various aspects of Japanese popular culture it would do well to remember Japanese culture as a whole. If there’s something in your favourite drama that’s been bugging you it’s probably because it’s Japanese. Trust me, I’ve had plenty of things explained to me in that way. And if you’re feeling academic (as I’m sure a few of us will), then you can always bring out the big guns and clarify your comments with a socio-economic anthropological viewpoint.
· For once commenting ISN’T a must. But if you feel the need to explain to the poster why it’s painfully obvious SMAP will always be around and no other group is going to take their place then go ahead and do so.
· HOWEVER, this being a discussion community there will no doubt sometimes be differences of opinion. So that means you cannot call out so-and-so for saying something about your favourite group/film/whatever. Nor does it mean you should go to their personal journal and do so. That’s just petty.
· Anything other than discussion isn’t allowed. So icon posts, icons (UNLESS it’s linked to a topic discussing say online fans), memes, cross-posting and any other kind of smapspam is a no-no. If you have an informative article/essay/news piece to offer then go right ahead.
· Anything happens that isn’t liked by the mods then it gets shut down. So there. Ha.


noesunexito (Co-mod hiding in the shadows)
Wanna be one? Mail me at: scanky_chops@yahoo.com. (You will, of course, be required to send me a 2-page essay on your favourite Johnnys scandal and the effects it has had on the company.) **

* I cannot do authentic 'net speak, i'm afraid.
** I'm being semi-serious here.